adds Adirondack Attic web page

North Country Public Radio launched the Adirondack Attic Radio Series web page today to celebrate the program’s third month of airing. Nice job, Dale! Dale Hobson is the NCPR web god. You can hear him talk with news director Martha Foley during the second half of the Eight O’Clock Hour Friday mornings for an update on all the NCPR web site news.

The Adirondack Attic Radio Series airs the first Tuesday of the month during the second half of the Eight O’Clock Hour with Todd Moe. The program is supported by the Adirondack Museum and singer/songwriter Dan Berggren. The radio series features Dan’s music.


New radio program to air June 1

The story of the wine bottle corker from the Horseshoe Forestry Company near Tupper Lake and Low’s Lake will be featured during the Adirondack Attic Radio Series on Tuesday, June 1 on North Country Public Radio. Catch it around 8:35 a.m., during the Eight O’Clock Hour with Todd Moe. See a photo of the artifact here (photo by Richard Walker).

The artifact is currently on display in the Adirondack Museum’s newest exhibit, “Let’s Eat: Adirondack Food Traditions.” The museum opened May 28 for the season.

Adirondack Attic 6 has arrived!

Well, folks, it’s here. “New York State’s Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Volume 6,” by Andy Flynn, arrived in Saranac Lake this afternoon. It includes 53 “Adirondack Attic” columns I write in 2008. Yes, believe it or not, there were 53 Wednesdays in 2008, even though there were only 52 weeks. Go figure. My columns were always released on a Wednesday. Each chapter features a story about a different artifact in the collection of the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY.

Learn more about the book: See the Table of Contents.

Better late than never. Initially, Attic 6 was supposed to be printed in 2009; however, due to finances, I was not able to print it at the time. So, here it is, better late than never. Actually, it’s great timing since my monthly Adirondack Attic Radio Series just started airing on North Country Public Radio.

The cost for Adirondack Attic 6 is the same as the previous Adirondack Attic books, $18.00, and you can purchase them online at the Hungry Bear Publishing Bookstore.

Also, join me at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 26 at Saranac Village at Will Rogers in Saranac Lake for the Adirondack Attic 6 Book Release Party. It is free and open to the public. Help me celebrate this final book in the Adirondack Attic series.

 Happy reading!

Welcome to the Adirondack Attic

Hey there, folks. Welcome to the home of the award-winning Adirondack Attic History Project.

I founded the Project in 2003 to collect stories about the history of New York State’s 6-million-acre Adirondack Park. As of 2010, I’ve collected more than 300 stories and continue to spread the word about Adirondack history throughout the communities of the Adirondack North Country Region.

My approach is unique. I take artifacts — objects people have made, used and left behind — from museum collections in the region and trace the human history of the objects. What is it? Who made it? Who used it? Where was it made and used? Why is it important for a museum to collect it? My Adirondack History Headquarters is the world-famous Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. I work with curators to pick the artifacts, research their history and then write and publish my stories.

I first began to publish my stories in newspapers around the region for my Adirondack Attic column (2003-2009). Then I began publishing books with my stories; we’re up to six volumes of Adirondack Attic books. And now I’m producing stories for my Adirondack Attic Radio Series, which airs the first Tuesday of the month on North Country Public Radio. Furthermore, I get to tell stories to audiences throughout the region during a series of Adirondack Attic lectures every year. As of now, there’s no end in sight.

Thanks to my sponsors: Adirondack Museum, singer/songwriter Dan Berrgren and Hungry Bear Publishing.


Andy Flynn